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Deep Fried Tofu in Typhoon Shelter Style
Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Chillis, Garlic and Salt
Spicy Pork Spare Ribs in Typhoon Shelter Style
Under Bridge Spicy Crab
Deep Fried Big Mantis Shrimps with Chilli & Salt
Steamed Scallops on Shells with Green Bean Vermicelli & Garlic
Sauteed Fresh Clams with Chilli & Black Beans
Boiled Spicy Fresh Whelks with Chinese Wine
Fresh Clams in Salted Soup
Deep Fried Shrimps with Chilli & Garlic
Steamed Razor Clams with Green Gean Vermicelli and Garlic
Steamed Pompano with Garlic and Black Beans
Poached Conch
Sauteed Mussels with Chilli and Black Beans
Deep Fried Squids with Chilli, Garlic and Salt
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